9+ Actionable Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners In 2024

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Do you know the Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online and it’s also one of the best ways to promote your own products and make more sales?

However, there are quite many things to keep in mind to earn a successful affiliate income as a business.

Actionable Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners In 2024


To help you out with that, I have prepared a full guide to affiliate marketing tips for bloggers, either you want to start working with niche affiliate programs OR make your own affiliate network.


I’ve worked with affiliate marketing for 9 years and I can say for sure – no matter how big is your audience, your market or what are your overall business goals, getting into affiliate marketing has only win-win kind of an outcome.


Either you’ve decided to earn additional passive online income with niche blogging, get more profit, more additional money from your existing hobby or create an additional source of passive income, you might’ve heard that affiliate marketing is a thing to look into.


In this article blog post, I have gathered pro tips that will help you earn successful affiliate income business without losing too much time or focusing on the wrong path.


I’d consider this article as a one-stop pro guide to affiliate marketing tips for bloggers, from A to Z!


Introduction to affiliate marketing for bloggers: what is affiliate marketing and how it works?


“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance, action-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”


Basically, affiliate marketing means earning a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products, it can be any niche.


The task of the affiliate is to search for a product that he/she likes and then promote it, earning part of the profit for each sale made, convert by them.


The sales are tracked with special affiliate links that indicate your specific sales driven. You get a personalized affiliate link as soon as you sign up or get accepted in the affiliate program, in any niche.


Affiliate marketing for niche bloggers is one of the best and most effective ways to earn passive income online. Since you’re already writing articles about your experiences and, quite possibly, adding links to relevant products, why not to earn additional income from it?!


The benefits of affiliate marketing for bloggers


As I’ve already mentioned, affiliate marketing is a quite versatile and overall good way to make passive income online. However, let’s look into some of the benefits of affiliate marketing for bloggers!


1. Passive income. Putting links in your blog posts articles and then earning money from your targeted visitors is considered as one of the most effective ways to earn passive income. However, don’t get fooled! It’s not entirely passive and will request some preparation practical work before successful affiliate income start rolling in.


2. Recurring revenue. Some of the best affiliate marketing programs offer repeated monthly revenue as long as your offered customer keeps purchasing the service you’ve suggested, they are almost in every nice industry.


3. Long-term strategy. Being an affiliate is a great long-term strategy not only to improve your extra source of income but also to drive more sales, more leads to your website or blog, improve your SEO score and add more value to your content material.


9 pro tips for earning successful affiliate income

Becoming an affiliate seems very tempting: you can earn commission per sales made and sell any type of product, it can be digital or physical that has an affiliate program (and most of them do!).


Even with small targeted traffic, it IS possible to generate consistent affiliate income.


So here are some pro tips to keep in mind before getting into affiliate marketing:


TIP #1: Position yourself as an expert

One of the best tips for working with affiliate programs is to position yourself as an expert in the field. Let’s say, you’ve become an affiliate for the fitness program. Writing one article about the program could give you some profit.


But how about writing ten or making your whole blog posts or articles about it? Positioning yourself as an expert will make you the go-to person in the field.


Besides that, having your niche blog related to the topic will make it way more trustful than just having an article or two related to your affiliate product.


TIP #2: Choose relevant affiliate programs

One of the most important tips when it comes to affiliate programs for any bloggers is this – choose relevant niche affiliate programs and don’t join a program just because it’s there.


That’s also why most of this blog post will be about choosing the best affiliate program for your niche blog and for your business goals.


So it’s also tip choosing relevant affiliate programs IS crucial to your success!


Who will buy if no one will be interested in your offer?


TIP #3: Join less popular affiliate programs

Amazon is great but… everybody uses it!


Being an affiliate on Amazon can turn out to be tons harder than being an affiliate for a smaller brand.


Most of the products are already massively promoted elsewhere, there are many products categories where commission threshold is very low 3% to 8% therefore, your offer is not unique.


While less-known programs, on the other hand, give you a chance to promote something really unique, interesting and many people might see this offer for the first time!


TIP #4: Make sure the commission rate is worth your time

Successful affiliate income is not only about the product you’re selling but also about the outcome of your effort, it can be your precious time and investment – the commission!


Here’s the difference between being an affiliate for, let’s say, Amazon or little less known brand. On average, Amazon pays around 5% per sale.


Smaller or little-known brands have commissions starting from 3%, on average being around 30%. Doesn’t this sound way better?


Working your butt off for 30% rate is way more reasonable than 5%!


For example, ThemeForest – WordPress theme shop – offers a 50% affiliate rate from each purchase made.


While BLUEHOST – all-in-one online business largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites. – offers 65$ recurring revenue.


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GETRESPONSE – a platform offering stunning email marketing tool package deals related to all kinds of email marketing solutions – offer 40% as well!


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TIP #5: Know what your audience is interested in

Choosing an affiliate program that will be interesting for your audience is the most important tip when it comes to affiliate marketing for bloggers.


For example, my blog is focused on different ways to earn an online income, especially, affiliate marketing.


Therefore, I can clarify what kind of products my blog readers would be interested in and what would be the best affiliate programs to join for me.


In my case, my most successful affiliate income is coming from online course creation programs, as well as WordPress themes, hosting & digital marketing tools.


Always narrow your field. Being a blogger and selling everything will lead you nowhere.


So make sure to spot what “YOUR audience is interested in“. Make sure to check under the surface. 


Dig deep into what your reader is searching for. Make blog posts articles and content according to their interest, in this way you get more commissions.


TIP #6: Truly believe in what you’re selling

This one is closely connected with Tip. If you’ve tried something but you don’t like it – don’t try to sell it!


Don’t do just making and getting money, after all your long term relationship, trust and audience is more important.


Selling only products you truly like yourself, if possible first use in real life then you can batter explain and recommended to your fans, audience and users to successful affiliate income.


TIP #7: Be picky and stay true to your goals

Though there are TONS of online affiliate programs to join, many of them are truly great and many are not good.


My pro tip for working with affiliate programs is to find something that you feel like a great fit in all of my previously mentioned categories.


It should be a product or service you’ve used and you’ve liked. It should be something with a good high commission rate, recurring is added advantage and something people really trust in.


But don’t follow the crowd!


Doing what everybody else does is not the path to success!


Use the option to really tailor your chosen affiliate programs to your niche blog. 


Connect with the products and services which you are promoting or try to promote on your niche blog and understand WHY your readers should be interested in it.


TIP #8: Try the product you’re selling

Being an affiliate for any service or product you haven’t tried out yourself is plain cheating with your audience. After all, being an affiliate is all about suggesting something for others.


Besides that, it’s just more of the work for you. Instead of sharing your real experience and opinion, you’ll have to do additional research to understand the product or services.


The best affiliate programs to join are the ones for products you stand and fall for, for the products and services that you can actually write about and share your knowledge on your niche blog or social media platform.


TIP #9: Make sure people know the product you’re selling

It’s great to be an affiliate for a product, services or company people already trust in. 


If you’re partnering with a new service, product or brand, selling will be hard since you’ll have to help the brand get the client’s trust first.


As soon as you partner up with someone/something people already know and trust in, your job gets easier for recommending or adding them– all you need to do is to sell the product because trust is already there.


Find a brand that doesn’t have TONS of affiliates but does have the trust of their customers, that’s your way to pro successful affiliate income.


As soon as you’ve chosen, you just have to follow the instructions guide that will be provided by each website or affiliate network carefully.


In most cases you just have to provide your link to the product you’re sharing, some additional information & you’re good to go!


I hope this full guide to affiliate marketing for bloggers will help you to establish passive income with your niche blog and earn a pro successful affiliate income!


Do you have any more questions about affiliate marketing for bloggers or the best ways to earn successful affiliate income?



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