11 Powerful Actionable Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know In 2024

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Are you looking for the perfect combination of email marketing sales + engagement?

Do you still think that email marketing is not made for you?


Surely you have asked yourself on many occasions, should I do an email marketing campaign?


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Do you know Using email marketing is one of the most powerful strategies an entrepreneur has to attract new clients and one of the most efficient with respect to its cost since it turns out to be quite economical?


As we all know that Email marketing is essential in your communication and sales strategy.


Since it is a very powerful medium that will allow you to have more direct contact with your customers and can help you to know them more, increase your sales and build loyalty to your brand with the email marketing tips.


You will find them under the name of ‘advice’, ‘tips’, ‘guides’ or ‘good practices’ … but in reality, they are setbacks that all of us who dedicate ourselves to this have had … and that we want to avoid you every time you have decided (not convinced yet?) to start with your first steps in the email marketing of your business.


Therefore, today I bring you 11 very useful email marketing tips for your business, either its blogging, website, retail or any eCommerce that will make you obtain better results in this area and also to enjoy better positioning, more remembrance, loyalty and ultimately increase your sales.



If there is a device that is growing by leaps and bounds as a support for online business, it is the mobile.


Everywhere you look there are constant typing and thousands of daily transactions that remind us of the tremendous boom in digital commerce. According to the study, 72% of consumers use their mobile to check their mail.


I recommend carrying out a ´Responsive Design Testing ‘later to test the results. Perform a previous preview before launching, in order to detect defects and correct them with the most appropriate solutions.



Currently, there are many email marketing tools that allow us to determine the day and time when a campaign will be sent, allowing us to work on it when we have availability and making sure that it reaches its destination at the most convenient time. 


We can also define automatic responses and automatic content delivery to the audience.


You can use any one of these emails marketing tools

  2. ConvertKit
  3. ConstantContact
  4. Aweber


I highly recommended use GETRESPONSE, for blogs and business use due to a strong brand name.


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That is activated after a certain event happens, such as subscribing to distribution analyst.



This is one of your main challenges when doing email marketing. Overcome SPAM filters.


The first step in any email marketing campaign that wants to achieve good results is to get it to the inbox. If we are not even able to sneak in there, let’s not even talk about converting.


For this, it will be essential to keep your email database clean (controlling user complaints, in a reasonable%), focusing on your subscribers with the greatest interaction (some tools help you to have a ranking of your best subscribers) and of course avoiding ‘buying ‘databases of contacts that are going to condemn you to a ridiculous open and conversion rate.


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Although the behaviour of the digital buyer can never be predicted in the face of the ever-increasing supply of the Internet, what is clear is that in the face of a sale, a more related one can always occur.

 We like to rummage and rummage as if it were a niche market, but if this search is given to us and it is offered personalized, much better.


When a sale is achieved through the network, a good formula to inform and encourage buyers to continue buying items from the rest of the stock is what in relationship marketing is called “cross-selling”.



Good news hooks for a successful catchy headline that draws attention to the information. This same formula is transferred to emails, in which the subject line should not be wasted to provoke the action of its opening.


A good subject line should be treated as a good headline, simple and concise, which avoids toxic words for `retail mailing` such as “Free”, “Buy now”-identified by many ESPs as spam- but that on the contrary includes“magic words” Such as` Video ‘.


This word surely arouses the curiosity of the recipients and they will not overlook the email when checking the inbox. And is that just adding ‘video’, the opening rate can be increased by up to 10%.



Although for aesthetic reasons we may be tempted to include many images and graphics in our email, we must remember that many campaign recipients will not be able to see these images until they click to download them.


Therefore, it is advisable to include text content within an HTML code. This content will be readable from any device and it is not necessary for the receiver to take any action to download the content.



You must be clear and concise. Get to the point. There are many emails to read and little patience of our readers.


So then you must attend to 3 clearly differentiated parts of the message: the introduction (which we recommend is clear and focused on the benefit of opening the email: what do I gain by opening this email?).


The message (where we will use short texts, helping us with bold, italic or underlined … to focus attention) and the call to action (CTA). The buttons or the “accelerators” (such as limited places, only until Friday …) are the fuel of our CTA.



Creating a calendar to organize your email campaigns is essential. It is important to follow a pattern; if you decide to send a promotional email to your contacts every week or every two weeks, you must be constant.


Your contacts will be waiting for your newsletter and it will be better received.



According to the survey, 80% of Internet traffic will be video in 2020, impressive data right?.


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Video email is a powerful medium, which fills emails with its mere presence or complements text very well.


It allows you to show products with a 360 degree view and persuade customers with real product test samples, testimonials… etc.


According to a study, viewers react better to videos of about 60 seconds or less. In addition, this video model has advantages on smaller screens such as smart phones, where video occupies 100%.



If we are dedicated to sending you the email with a lot of text, very detailed, or very difficult to read, we will probably lose your attention instantly.


In an email marketing campaign, it is important to be clear and concise, we must be aware that our readers have a very limited time and that we have a small fraction of their attention.



Only then is it possible to adjust your email marketing strategy?


Don’t be obsessed with the results, but it is good that you know the% open and CTR of your sector to compare them with your campaigns.


Different TEST A / B will lead you to adjust your subject’s title, designs, segmentations or CTAs to find the formula that best suits your user community.


It is a good practice to test mailing on a small scale to determine the success rate of a particular mail.


Your email marketing strategy may be quite successful, however, that does not mean that it cannot be improved.


In Conclusion – Successful Email marketing strategy


I hope this article you find these good practices interesting and useful in your future email marketing tips for your any niche campaigns  


Take heart with your email strategy, enjoy the process and send the most interesting emails to your targeted audiences and subscribers, there will be much more chances that they will open your emails and enjoy your value series.


What do you think?

Do you dare to start your email marketing?


Recommending EMAIL MARKETING (Get your business online) for building your blog/website.

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