57+ Blog Post Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Be Popular Topics In 2024

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There are numerous topics you can write about on your blog, but you must first understand your niche and audience. There are numerous writing styles.


Where does the inspiration for blog posts ideas in 2024 come from… Google?

There are hundreds of blog ideas available, but you don’t want someone to feed you posts; instead, you want inspiration!

Blog Post Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Be Popular Topics In 2024


Having trouble coming up with good blog post ideas?


It can be difficult to come up with new blog post topics on a regular basis.


That is why we have compiled a list of unique blog post ideas for you to write about right now.


You’re reading this blog post because you’re looking for new and improved blog post ideas.


However, having a great post idea does not guarantee readers, subscribers, or leads.


Useful Blog Post Ideas

  1. Personal development / self-improvement (how you overcame some obstacle or started a new habit, and what you learned)
  2. Health and fitness for people who are always on the go
  3. Studying a new language
  4. How to Travel on a Tight budget (best hotel deals, trip advice)
  5. Writing / style of writing / copywriting
  6. Rescue of animals
  7. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, etc.)
  8. Social dynamics and communication abilities
  9. Working in unusual fields of expertise while remaining location independent
  10. Making your own at home Recipes for childless couples
  11. Males serve as facilitators of female communication.
  12. Putting technology to use in a small business (credit card processing, customer relationship management, email marketing, etc.)
  13. Blogging about unusual foods (there’s a course for that!)
  14. Bullying and cyberbullying
  15. Children’s behavioral disorders
  16. Bodyweight exercise
  17. Entrepreneurship education for children and adults
  18. DIY disc golf projects, DIY business, and selling homemade goods
  19. How to Build a Stable Marriage
  20. What is the best way to be a good friend?
  21. What is the best way to prepare for a triathlon?
  22. Following your passion vs. pursuing a career
  23. Obtaining AWS certification
  24. Obtaining Microsoft Certification
  25. Your city’s/state’s/best country’s burgers
  26. Video game tactics are demonstrated in video tutorials.
  27. Increasing the number of customers for small businesses
  28. Urban farming / community gardening
  29. Creating and operating your own social network
  30. Photography with a point and shoot camera (how to create incredible photographs with your phone or whatever camera you have in your pocket)
  31. Designing a blog and a website for non-designers (how to make your blog look incredible without spending a fortune)
  32. The art of obtaining what you desire (how to use confidence and technique to get what you want from life, your relationships and your career)
  33. Creating high-quality web video (how to leverage the video medium to take your brand, blog, website, or business to the next level)
  34. Working for oneself (The logistics behind how to start working for yourself, how to leave your job, find health insurance, set up a business entity, etc.)
  35. How to Create an E-Book Bestseller (documenting the process of creating an Amazon Kindle bestseller.)
  36. Rapid language learning for international relocation
  37. How to Improve Your Writing
  38. How to Lose Weight and Feel Great (the Primal/Paleo Way, Even in Middle Age)
  39. Vegan diets in the modern era
  40. Bicycling to work in the city
  41. Living in an apartment (this could range from renter issues to decor, etc.)
  42. Interior design on a shoestring budget
  43. Eating organic on a shoestring budget
  44. Traveling that is health-conscious, high-mileage, and minimalist
  45. How to Become a Famous Rockstar on the Internet
  46. Photographing sports
  47. High school students’ life skills/coaching
  48. Homeschoolers’ college planning
  49. Making a public speech (how to overcome the fear of the audience, minimal approaches to presentations, etc.)
  50. Creating family harmony (improving the relationship between family members, how to increase the creativity of kids and parents, how to help kids to find their passion and inner peace)
  51. Learn to play the guitar at a later age.
  52. How to win arguments without alienating your friends
  53. Becoming a sommelier or wine connoisseur
  54. Build a custom boat and sail it across the Pacific.
  55. Practicing tennis and qualifying for tournaments
  56. Windsurfing
  57. SUP stands for stand-up paddle boarding.


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We’re not finished yet. Now it’s your turn to drive while I massage the carpal tunnel out of my wrists.


We’d like to hear your thoughts on the list, but more importantly, we’d like to hear your ideas!


It’s now your turn. Proceed with the exercise of asking yourself these questions. I bet you’ll be surprised at how many unique blog post ideas you’ll come up with!


If you need more inspiration, read our article on the types of blog posts that have been proven to work.


That is a question I began asking myself long before I began my first blog.


Since then, I’ve launched four blogs, each with over a million visitors, and I’ve assisted friends and clients in attracting large audiences and building thriving, sustainable businesses based on blogs.


But if you want to see some improvement, it couldn’t hurt to try a few of these.


Now, go write!




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