How To Increase Organic Traffic: 11 Top SEO Practical Tips In 2024

Do you want to increase consistent organic traffic at no cost except your time?

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Do you want to find a way to attract more visitors to your website?

Any blog or website does not live by SEO alone.


You have to Developing a successful marketing strategy that get lots of organic traffic while having few or no backlinks.

How To Increase Organic Traffic Top SEO Practical Tips In 2024

You are not alone to face this challenge.


It seems that many bloggers, affiliate marketers and companies are desperate for a solution that, as if by magic, increases the volume of traffic on the website and makes it appear on the front page of Google search results.


Almost all visitors who are considered organic find your blog or website after using search engines like Google or Bing.


The simplest way to increase organic visits to your any niche blog or website is to do SEO optimization and link building for your website.


In this article, I will explain how to increase the organic traffic of your website through the optimization of contents … that you didn’t know could have brought you all this traffic!


By following some practical tips, you can definitely improve the results of your SEO strategy


I won’t go any further, let’s start



If your online store doesn’t have an active blog, it may be a good idea to create one.


Through a blog with a targeted and optimized editorial plan, you will attract the public and generate more targeted visits.


By linking your blog to your online store, Google will perceive you as relevant to your niche and give you a better ranking on search results.



You can connect your blog posts or page to other sections of the site via two or three links.


Take advantage of the potential of these tools to show visitors what and how many other interesting content you have to offer and invite them to continue browsing.


It is not enough to attract the visitor; you need to be able to keep him on the site, encouraging him to discover more and more quality content information.



Many blogger or marketers just ignored, It is important to do image SEO, in order to increase the relevance of your blog or site for the desired topics and ranking position yourself on Google or other search engine Images.


All images used within the web page should be renamed using the keywords.


Alt-text is recognized by search engines and will give you another chance to be found by attracting more qualified users to the site.


Always choose beautiful and eye-catching professional images, compress them to make them lighter, and enhance them with alt tags and other essential elements into your blog.



Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of blog or website speed as a ranking factor.


The response and loading time of a web page of your niche blog or website must be very short, otherwise users run away and look for information elsewhere, probably on one of the competing websites.


So, you can’t help but improve the speed of a website.


Choose your web hosting service carefully, prevent your CMS (Content Management System) from making too many database queries and/or generating useless posts, pages, optimize all graphics and use caching systems for very fast loading.



The title of the blog or web pages should be less than 70 characters and contain no more than three long-tail keywords.


It should be optimized for SEO, but also for users.


This is a much overlooked element, because we usually focus on content creation, spending very little time on Meta tags. Never underestimate the power of a Meta description.


The SEO title and meta description are very important, You must enter in the title the keywords for which you want the page to be positioned; it would be great to keep a clear and convergent message.


It is also essential to write a perfect Meta-description, Of course, website optimization for search engines is key to attracting new organic traffic.



Don’t focus exclusively on the generic keywords of your niche market, which are highly sought after and therefore very competitive.


Try to develop content articles that intercept the so-called long-tail keywords, long-tail keywords made up of 3 or more terms.


Long tail keywords are more specific because they are closely related to your niche, product or service.


They have low search volumes, but have higher conversion rates as they express a search intent more related to the purchase.


You can also use long tails to drive traffic to more generic keywords.


All you need to do is create quality blog content and use a good internal linking strategy to bring readers to more general pages.


In addition, choosing long tail keys will help you more targeted audiences on your site and over time Google will identify you as an expert in the field, improving site trust.



Getting links allows you to increase the popularity and trust of your website.


Have a lot of quality backlinks & make sure you are able to get links from authoritative and quality websites, through professional SEO link building.



This is not pro advice, it is a certainty, you cannot help but work with videos if you want to test to increase the organic reach, Launch video content.


If you think about it, videos are perfect for the purposes, they keep you on the platform longer, they are more engaging and shareable, and video is a faster and more immediate media and therefore lends itself even better to mobile.

  • Focus on the first 3/5 seconds to grab attention.
  • The quality must be maximum and studied; even if amateur it must be intentionally.
  • Make videos of one or two minutes maximum.
  • Personalize the video with a distinctive creativity in line with the brand.
  • If the video has audio, make sure it is usable even when the audio is off.


Improve yourself but it is certainly better to post content at 80% rather than procrastinate and not post.



I don’t want to dwell on the HTTPS protocol. If you need to know what it is, I recommend this link from Google itself:


The HTTPS protocol explained by Google


Implementing the HTTPS protocol is an explicit request from Google and you cannot avoid. Do it now!



The first impact and all the experience of your audience, the user has on your blog or web site is important for the conversion of your website.


Often times, the high bounce rate is due to an unintuitive web interface.


In other words, if we arrive on a blog or website and cannot find the proper navigation menu or the desired subsections, and we are attacked by an avalanche of pop-ups ads, we will most likely not have the patience to search for what we need and we will go on a competing website.


In Conclusion – Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website – Summary


These are the few “tricks” but very clear and, above all, fundamental: this is what you need to bring to your organic traffic it deserves.


Dominating the rankings of search results is a difficult job, which requires time and efforts, knowledge of the market and above all long-term strategies.


By analyzing organic traffic, you will have realized how important it is to improve the quality of SEO activities to attract visitors to your site.


Sure blogging and perfect content optimization help bring first results in shorter times, but having a long-term SEO marketing strategy will save you energy and guide you in creating content for your blog or site.



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