9+ Tips How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website In 2024

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Choosing the appropriate domain name for your website or blog in 2024 is critical to its success.


If you choose the wrong domain name, it can be difficult to change it later without harming your brand or search rankings.

That is why it is critical that you select the best domain name from the start.

Tips How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website In 2024


Your domain name, after all, is the most important aspect of your website.


It can make or break you, so choosing a domain name that works for your blog or business is critical.


In this post, we’ll walk you through simple steps and some useful tools for choosing a domain name that will benefit your site.


How To Choose A Domain Name

When you’re first starting out, it can be difficult to come up with catchy business name ideas that also work as a domain name.


9. Always Go with .Com

Today, there are numerous new domain name extensions available, ranging from the original com, net, and org to niche extensions such as pizza, photography, and even blog.


We always recommend that you use a com domain name.


While it may be tempting to create clever blog names using new extensions,.com remains the most established and credible domain name extension.


Newer domain extensions such as.ninja,.photography, and others, in our opinion, can make your company appear less trustworthy.


Domains ending in.com are the most memorable. Many users, particularly those who aren’t as tech-savvy, will unconsciously type “.com” at the end of every domain.


8. Keep Your Domain Name as Short as Possible

While keywords are important, don’t go too long with the domain length. It is preferable to have a domain name that is both short and memorable.


We recommend that your domain name be no more than 15 characters long. Longer domain names are more difficult for your users to remember.


Not to mention that users will be more likely to enter typos with longer domain names, potentially resulting in lost traffic.


That is why keeping your domain length short is a good idea.


7. Make Sure It’s Easy To Type

Consider some of the world’s most popular websites. What thoughts come to mind?


Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, CNN, and so on…


One thing they all have in common is that they are all simple to spell.


Your visitors should be able to easily type in your domain name. It’s too complicated if you have to explain the spelling more than once for it to be understood!


The last thing you want is for potential visitors to type your domain incorrectly and end up on another website!


Here’s an easy way to put this to the test…


Tell seven people about your potential domain name and have them spell it for you. 


If more than a few people are having difficulty spelling it, you should simplify it.


6. Use keywords (When It Makes Sense)

Use keywords that describe your company and the services it provides.


For example, if you are a glass replacement company, you might want to register the domain names carRepair.com or carReplacement.com.


5. Keep it Unique & Choose a Brandable Name

Your blog domain name must be distinct in order for you to stand out in the minds of your readers. It’s a good idea to look into other blogs in your niche and see what domain names they’re using.


4. Try to Avoid numbers and hyphens

People who hear your website address don’t know if you’re using a numeral (5) or if it’s spelled out (five), or they misplace or forget the dash.


To be safe, if you need these in your domain, register the various variations.


Never use hyphens in a domain name. Hyphens can be an indicator of spam domains with which you do not want to be associated.


Typos are also common in hyphenated domains


If you use hyphens in your domain name because the domain you want is already taken, your users will most likely end up at your competitor’s site if they forget to type in the hyphen.


3. Avoid trademark infringement

You must careful because it is not whether you believe your domain name could be confused.


It’s whether you believe a judge in a jurisdiction where a company could sue you would find your domain name confusing.


This can also lead to brand confusion, which is detrimental to your brand’s viability.


If you have legitimate concerns, you should consult with an attorney or a legal professional.


2. Act fast

Domain names are in high demand. Fortunately, they are also cheap, so register your favourite domain names as soon as possible.


1. Use Your Brand Name

Your domain name should be consistent with your brand, and vice versa.


Brands can take time to develop, and including your distinct brand name in your domain name can help you stand out, gain recognition, and increase website traffic.


Just make sure not to use any existing brand names or trademarks when creating your brand name and domain name


How To Register A Domain Name


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Final Thoughts

If this is your first time starting a blog, you may find our ultimate guide on how to start a WordPress blog useful because it walks you through everything step by step.


Your domain name will have a significant impact on your website’s success and potential.


Make sure to give it some thought when selecting yours.


Now that you’ve established some ground rules, the next steps are to brainstorm, conduct research, and determine which domains are available.


As you go through this process, keep some backup names in mind in case the domain name you want isn’t available.


That’s all there is to it.


I hope this article has given you a better understanding of how to choose the best domain name for your blog or business.


Do you have any questions about how to choose a domain name that’s right for your website?


Ask us in the comments section below!




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