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The Ultimate List Of 100+ Blog Post Ideas For Beginners – Even Your Kids Can Do It in 2023

Do you struggle to come up with blog post topics to write about?

Then this is the post for you!

There’s something here for you if you’ve just started a blog and need help coming up with topics to write about, or if you’re simply stuck and don’t know what to write about.

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What Should Your Very First Blog Post Contain?

What should my first blog post be? is one of the burning questions that new bloggers have.

Should I begin with an introduction? or is it something else?

And I’m here to answer your questions and assist you.

There is no need to write an introductory post about yourself because you already have an About me page.

Make your first post a regular post, as if you’ve been blogging for a long time.

Because, in reality, no one is interested in your storey (if they do, they can read your About page).

People read blogs when they need assistance or are looking for inspiration.

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How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

This post is a list of blog post ideas, but I thought I’d also give you some tips and ideas on how to come up with your own topics to write about.

Pinterest Can Help You Find Blog Post Ideas

Pinterest is one of the best and most convenient places to look for blog topics to write about.

How do I find inspiration on Pinterest?

It’s so easy!

Simply go to Pinterest and start typing something in the search bar; a drop-down menu with some suggestions will appear.

Those are the suggestions that people are looking for and are most interested in.

In addition, when you search for something, you will see some suggested words at the top of the page.

These words are sorted by relevance, so people are more likely to search for “tutorial” than “aesthetic,” for example.

When I searched for “makeup” in the example above, words like tutorial, products, tips, and drugstore appeared.

They can assist you in coming up with blog post ideas.

That is what people are looking for and curious about.

You can also get more ideas by clicking on each of them.

When I click on “tutorials,” I’m taken to a new search page where I can see more ideas at the top, such as for beginners, foundation, eyeshadow, and so on.

To find blog post topics, use Google.

Google is another great resource for finding topic ideas.

When looking for something, there are three places to look for ideas:

  • the drop-down menu that appears when you begin typing in the “People also ask” box in the middle of the page related searches at the bottom of the page
  • Ideas for Beginners’ Blog Posts
  • Now that I’ve quickly gone over some pointers, let’s get to the point of your visit.

Here is a list of over 100 blog post ideas to get you started.

Ideas for Beauty Bloggers’ Blog Posts

  1. The best foundations
  2. How to Choose a Foundation Share
  3. Every woman’s makeup bag should include the following items:
  4. What’s in my cosmetics bag?
  5. 5 of the Best (Color) Lipsticks
  6. Simple makeup hacks that everyone should be aware of
  7. A product evaluation
  8. Which (product) is superior?
  9. When it comes to makeup, know where to save and where to splurge.
  10. Making a list of the best products for each budget (for example, a foundation and then making recommendations for different price ranges such as under $10, between $10 and $30, and so on).
  11. X A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Everyone should have makeup brushes in their makeup bag.
  12. How to Clean Makeup Brushes: The Best Products, Tips, and Hacks

Blog Post Ideas For Food Bloggers

  1. Share a family recipe.
  2. A collection of your favourite recipes a breakdown of what I eat in a day/week/month X Recipes for quick and easy dinners X Breakfast suggestions for those who are running late X Lunch ideas for the office
  3. What is the best way to eat healthy on a budget?
  4. How to Organize a Dinner Party
  5. Christmas recipe ideas
  6. Suggestions for healthy snacks
  7. Desserts that are nutritious
  8. What you buy at the supermarket
  9. look through a cookbook roundup of your favourite cookbooks
  10. Tell us about your favourite kitchen tools.

Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers

  1. Designer items that are worth investing in
  2. How to Shop on a Shoestring
  3. How to Add Flavor to Your Outfit Using Accessories
  4. Dressing for a Specific Body Type
  5. How to Always Look Well-Dressed
  6. X fashion hacks that every woman should know
  7. My favourite upcoming season trends My least favourite upcoming season trends
  8. My most regrettable fashion purchases
  9. How to Choose the Best Jeans for You
  10. My go-to looks
  11. Outfit suggestions for a specific season or occasion
  12. How to Combine Prints
  13. My wardrobe essentials
  14. X items that every woman should have in her closet
  15. X shoe that every woman should have in her closet


And i have reached the end of this extremely long list of blog post ideas.

I sincerely hope you found some new topics for your writing and that this list inspired you to try new things.

And if you need help writing your posts, check out my Beginner’s Guide to Writing Blog Niches, which walks you through each step of the process and shows you what every blog post must include to be successful.


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