9 [Proven] Simple Ways To Increase YouTube Views & Subscribers In 2024

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Ways To Increase YouTube Views & Subscribers in 2024

Do you want to boost your YouTube views and grow your fan community?


So the question is: How to increase your Watch Time?


Boosting your views on YouTube is your dearest wish as a YouTuber.


In this article, I’ll show you all my strategies, tip for increasing the number of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel & how to increase the visibility of your YouTube channel.


As we know YouTube is the 2nd search engine in the world.


What are brands doing?


How can brands be successful on YouTube?

  1. There are three things to obsess over when developing a YouTube channel
  2. Focus on a single niche or topic and a series of your video content
  3. Optimize and refine your video content
  4. Ask people to subscribe your channel


How To Boost Your Views On YouTube?

YouTube is billions of videos available and as many active users per day and day by day it’s growing. Dizzying numbers, which is why the platform’s SEO algorithm is almost as complex as Google’s.


Increasing your video views on YouTube is a bit like increasing your visibility on the Internet.


As we use SEO techniques apply to our blog or any websites as well as YouTube videos.


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Several solutions will be available to you: produce videos that answer exactly to a problem (how, why, etc.) or create videos to entertain your target audience.


But how to do it?


The following points present the metadata, video elements that should not be neglected to increase your views on YouTube.


And for that, it will be necessary to analyze the way in which your viewers discover your videos.


What type of keywords to use, titles, headlines that generate the most views and engagement, etc?


What Is YouTube Asking For?


YouTube’s SEO algorithm is almost as complex as Google’s. Hundreds of factors are taken into account to define the video ranking positioning.


But a few major elements are quite simple to define and easy to implement:

  • The title of the video
  • Keywords in the description
  • The keywords chosen when uploading
  • The duration of the video
  • The number of subscribers generated by the video
  • Comments
  • Likes / dislikes
  • Sharing on social networks


9. Choose A Specific Niche Topic Theme.

Before shoot video and upload on YouTube, make a plan.


First, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I want to talk about?
  2. Why do I want to be famous?
  3. What topics i cover?


These questions allow you to develop a solid video content strategy to develop your topics or niche subject. YouTube is a huge social platform and therefore your channel must have an identity of its own.


The answer to these questions will therefore be the starting point of your brand identity and determines the efforts you will have to make.


Several possibilities will therefore be available to you. And you may want to be known for:

  • Promote your offer/ products / services / training
  • Promote branded products by giving your opinion, reviews
  • Guides, how to and tutorials
  • News topics
  • Vlogging
  • Play your tracks as a musician etc.


You will then build your marketing strategy around it and focus your efforts on it on your specific niche.


Don’t get too loose in trying to cover several topics that are too far apart. This way, you are sure to increase your views and subscribers for sure.


Publish quality content regularly, once a week, or once a month.


8. Focus On The First 15 Seconds

When a YouTube user starts own niche YouTube videos they are wondering 3 things:

  1. Does this video suit me?
  2. Is this video going to be a waste of time?
  3. Is the tone used, and the atmosphere of the video pleasant enough to watch it?


Almost all YouTube users will find their answer within the first 15 seconds of viewing.


If the first 15 seconds of your video content fail to capture your viewer’s attention, they’ll lose interest in what you have to say pretty quickly.


Therefore, they will leave your video channel. In this way your High bounce rates will dramatically reduce the Watch Time of your video.


Make sure the first 15 seconds of your video are engaging and interesting and hold your audience or user.


If you can hook your audience in the first 15 seconds, it’s a safe bet that viewers will be attentive for a good portion of the video.


7. Optimize Your Videos

When you’re ready to shoot you’re a high-quality video you’ve created, here’s what you need to do to optimize search.


Include your main keywords in the title but keep it short


Make sure you are targeting the main keywords that relate to the content of your video topic.


The goal is to make the best video to respond to keyword queries and not to mess with the system.


The title should specifically message to your audience about the content of your video.


People will therefore not be disappointed by clicking on the link. Go for a short title so that it doesn’t get cut.


Focus on the first 100 words of the description


Only the first three sentences appear in YouTube search results, so these sentences are very important, you can take leverage here.


In these sentences, you need to tell viewers what they are going to be able to see in your video.


Include tags

Tags (keywords) help YouTube know what your video niche or topic is about. You shouldn’t go too far either.


Use only the keywords necessary to describe your video and that should be relevant.


Add annotations

Annotations are a chance to get more participation every time you watch the video. 


Remind your targeted viewers to like your video, subscribe to the YouTube channel, post a comment, and take the opportunity to redirect them to other content.


Add a custom creative thumbnail

An attractive thumbnail can entice viewers to click on your video and more clicks you get, and your CTR goes up.


Add the video to relevant playlist categories

It’s important to make your YouTube channel clear and easy for people to navigate quickly.


Playlists will help your audience find all of your subject niche videos of the same topic. A definite improvement in the user experience.


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It is important to organize a YouTube channel.


6. Create Content Based On Long Tail YouTube Keywords

If you are targeting long-tail YouTube keywords that can help you drive more targeted traffic to your videos than your competition and increase your Watch Time if you put the other tips into action at the same time.


There are many methods, ways for identifying long tail keywords to use for your content. But the easiest way is to use YouTube’s suggestion feature.


Type a word that interests your target audience in the YouTube search bar.


Then you will find some valuable long tail keyword ideas on YouTube that you can use for the video content.


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Additionally, you can check the type of content your competitors are producing and see what keywords they are using to complement your own video content.


5. Improve The Video Background

Yes, the background is also of real importance on the overall quality of the video content.


Because it adds consistency and character to it.


A white background is not always suitable and can seem boring in some cases; in that case, you can use some background effects.


Also, avoid filming from an uncluttered room.


4. Promote Your Content On Other Social Media Networks

Since one of the most important factor of YouTube’s ranking factors is viewer recommendations, feel free to promote your videos yourself.


Allow your audience, fans to share your video quickly and easily by including it on social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram but match your niche blog or website.


For example, an easy way to post to Twitter is to automatically post your videos. To link your YouTube and Twitter accounts, look at your YouTube channel settings.


3. Join Same Niche Communities

While all of your videos deal with relatively similar niche or topics, it’s worth reaching out to communities or groups that are interested in those topics.


First of all via social media networks, by sharing your videos with interested communities.


For example join marketing related groups on LinkedIn and share with them on a topic covered in one of your videos?


Among the communities always open to new experts, it may be interesting to join forums or sites specializing in a field.


By chatting and sharing with the community, your videos will get more views, and you can easily increase the number of subscribers and watch time.


Obviously, it is important not to spam this type of community or groups.


You have to interact, discuss different topics, subjects, and expose your expertise, comment on other posts.


Concretely, being active in these communities will give you much-targeted visibility.


2. Use CTA (Call To Action) & Push Users To Subscribe

It is therefore important to insert Call-To-Action in your videos. Get people to subscribe after seeing your video.


Likes are a little less important than subscriptions, but they are still necessary to generate additional views thanks to better visibility. Interaction with your content is what YouTube is looking for to put you forward!


Indeed, you just saw a video that you liked and you will undoubtedly want to see more similar content.


And it is precisely at this precise moment that the YouTuber asks you to do it because you are more inclined in the immediate future.


So prefer to integrate your request at the end of the video, all simply because viewers are engaged and ready to follow you if they liked your content.


1. Collaborate With Another Channel To Boost Your YouTube Views.

Collaboration with another form of a direct marketing channel that can boost your number of YouTube views and subscribers for free.


For this, you just need to find a non-competing, but complementary in same niche topics categories partner and work together by appearing in each other’s videos.


There are two advantages to this:

  1. Share your skills, knowledge or entertain
  2. Make you known to a second audience that does not yet know you.


If you are not convinced, observe the number of known Youtubers who feature with other fellow YouTubers.


In Conclusion – Techniques To Increase Views On YouTube – Summary


What do you think of these YouTube video marketing tips?


Do you have other solutions to improve the visibility of a YouTube channel?



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