13 PROVEN Ways Bloggers To Get More Blog Followers In 2024

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Do you want to know how to get more blog followers on your blog?

There are numerous things I would do differently if I were to start a blog again. Hours of work were squandered, but many more were put to good use.

I’ll talk about my blogging experiences over the years and give you a step-by-step guide on how to get blog followers.

One of the most important things you can do to help your new blog succeed is to consistently increase traffic and gain new followers.

I’ll show you my best tips for increasing traffic to your new blog, growing it consistently, and creating content that keeps readers coming back for more.

With platforms like WordPress, it is now simple to start a blog.

However, once it is operational, your next major challenge will be to increase traffic to your blog or website.

13. Blog Keyword Research to Plan Your Content Strategy

Keyword research is a technique employed by content creators and SEO professionals.

It assists you in identifying specific words and sentences that users type into Google and other search engines to find the content they seek.

When creating content, most beginners simply rely on their best guesses. As you might expect, this strategy is hit or miss.

If you use the ‘best-guess’ strategy, your articles are unlikely to rank high in search engines.

That could be because no one is searching for the keywords you used, or it could be because there is simply too much competition for those keywords.

By conducting proper keyword research, you will be able to reap the following benefits:

  • Discover the actual search terms that people are using.
  • Discover new content ideas for popular search terms.
  • Learn from your competitors and outperform them with superior content.
  • Create a pillar article series to drive consistent traffic to your blog.

12. Create A User Friendly Website, Blog

Before you begin networking in Facebook groups or any other social media, you will need a branded website with some content, as group administrators will typically ask for your website URL to prove you have a blog before admitting you to their group.

Consider your website to be a storefront for your company.

Is it obvious to a new reader and potential customer what your brand is about when they land on your homepage, your storefront?

Are your key themes represented in your navigation bar (nav bar), and can users easily locate your top content from it?

This strategically organised content would then link to existing posts and pages on your site via internal links.

Make sure to include the most important content that defines your brand (cornerstone content) on your homepage to allow link juice to flow from the top posts to the other posts it links to.

To do this, you’ll need a premium WordPress theme that allows you to create a static homepage.

I recommend THEMEFOREST as it has an easy page builder which allows you to drop and drag boxes for text, images, buttons, etc.

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11. Apply SEO Basics to Your Website

SEO is a collection of best practises that will assist you in making your website more search engine friendly.

To improve your blog or website, you do not need to be a ‘SEO EXPERT.’

Keywords are very important in SEO.

A keyword represents the main topic of your article and is what allows people to find your article when they conduct an online search for a topic of interest.

SEO is the process of optimising your website for search engines. It is about optimising websites so that search engines recognise relevance and rank them accordingly.

10. Write Great Effective Blog Headlines

The first thing users see when they find your content in search results or RSS feeds is your article headline.

A catchy blog post title attracts more clicks. A plain and boring headline, on the other hand, is likely to be ignored, and users will scroll past it.

This emphasises the significance of headlines.

You must learn how to write better blog post titles that capture user attention and generate more clicks.

Finally, a good headline contains a call to action, which is frequently subtle and sometimes implied.

9. Expert Interviews & Guest Posts

Guest posting is another method for increasing blog followers.

Guest posting is when you create content for other websites, which allows you to reach a new audience.

The host site should ideally be an authority and trusted source in your niche. Interviews, like guest posting, are a simple way to gain exposure and followers.

8. Publish Often On Your Niche Blog or Website

Nothing irritates your audience more than visiting your page and discovering that it hasn’t been updated in weeks — or longer.

If this happens repeatedly, they will most likely move on and forget about you. To gain blog followers, you must consistently publish excellent content.

If you need to take a break, inform your readers when you intend to return. Create an editorial calendar and plan your posts a few weeks ahead of time to stay on track.

This way, you won’t be scrambling for content when you really need it.

7. Make Certain That Your Content Is Shareable

Readers should be able to easily share your content if you want them to help you grow traffic to your blog.
If someone has to go through two or three steps just to share your post on Facebook, Pinterest, or another social site, they’re likely to give up and not share your content at all. Make the sharing process as simple as possible.
Also, make sure your social sharing icons are easily accessible.
They should be visible to your reader so that they don’t have to look for them if they want to share your article.

6. Publish High Quality Blog Content

It is not necessary to be an English major to write excellent content.
Readers will be more engaged and likely to share your content with their friends if you write articles that are helpful and easy to understand.
You should strive for a minimum of 500 words per article.
However, 1,000 words or more is far superior, particularly if you want to rank higher in search engines and increase traffic to your blog.

5. Nurture Your Blog SUBSCRIBERS

You want to make sure you’re sending valuable email content to your community on a regular basis — at least once per month — so you’re top of mind when they think of your blog topic.
It’s useful to know what types of emails to send to your email list. Keep in mind that emails aimed at selling should also be valuable.

4. Start Generating More Quality Blog Backlinks

A backlink is an incoming link from another website to your content. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking signals in Google.
It is extremely difficult to obtain backlinks from reputable websites and blogs. It is difficult not only for beginners, but also for experienced bloggers.

3. Add Videos to Your Blog Posts Articles

Videos are the most popular type of internet content. Users spend more time on blog posts with videos than on posts with only text and images.
Adding YouTube videos to your WordPress articles is a easy.
This increases your exposure because YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and a popular social media platform.

2. Read & Comment on other niche Blogs to gain followers fast

I’ve already mentioned joining blogging groups, where you can network with other bloggers and learn from one another.
I learn so much from other professionals, and I set aside time each week to read expert content from others.
Reading other people’s content is always a good source of information, and it can help you frame your own content more effectively.

1. Use Medium platform to get new followers for your blog

Medium is a popular online publishing platform with over 60 million daily visitors.
It’s a simple platform to use and can be part of a good strategy for increasing blog followers.
You don’t even have to publish your content on Medium natively. Simply import it from your website and republish it on the Medium platform.


I hope these suggestions helped you increase blog traffic.
Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint, but the good news is that you can have a support team to help you along the way.
Growing a blog following takes time, but if you focus on quality content, promotion, and relationship building, you’ll see your numbers increase and eventually, you might be the one helping other bloggers grow their audiences.



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