Life is all about struggles, overcoming them and get up every time even when life tries to pull you down very hard.

Let’s begin…

We were a middle-class family from the very beginning. My father was worked in Corporate Sector [Now he retired], mom a housewife and my 3 younger brothers. I have seen my Dad work hard 24 hours a day for continues days just to make the ends meet.

I have seen my Mom trying to save every last penny just to be able to pay our school fees. We used to have just enough to feed ourselves, pay the house rent and go to school.

But I was always fascinated by big houses, big cars, rich guys and I know I will be one of them one day.

I was told to study harder, get good marks, get a job and make a lot of $$$$. And I did that – except the making a lot of $$$$ part.

I was always an average student, confident and a smart guy.

My dad always wanted a good future for us and his salary was not enough. He wanted to see I and my brothers do very well in life and he is a visionary person.

He saved for months and bought us a desktop computer when I was in my college final year in 2002, and it was a very big thing then.

I was also like you at that time, in my starting days, hunting for blogging resources, I was inspired by India top bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal, Kulwant Nagi and many others foreign Blogger & affiliate gurus like Charles Ngo, Miles Baker.

I have started my blogging with direct Affiliate marketing, I never use Google Adsense, as I read so many articles from those gurus, that if you do affiliate marketing in a professional manner, put valuable time, effort and have patience. …then… the sky is the limit.

Then I try but frankly telling you…. I was FAILED.

But I never QUIT, I focus where I was failed, why I was failed …why I am not getting results like others are claimed in affiliate marketing, then I again try, try, try, try and now I am doing well in BLOGGING with affiliate marketing.

I suggest you FOCUS on one thing, don’t try to grab all the things that you see, hear and watch online.

May be there are some GURU’s who told you many things… for knowledge all things is ok… BUT MASTER AND FOCUS ONE THING.

This was my first FAILURE and a BIG LESSON in life!

And the lesson was – there is “NO SHORTCUT” to SUCCESS. And my Dad told me to be prepared for failures, get up back and try again until you succeed.

For the next few years, things went the same way. I studied harder than ever.

Because I wanted to get a good job, make $$$$, chase my dreams and give my parents a good life.

Things started to get real bad…

A new TURN in my LIFE!

I FAILED multiple times.

I don’t know why but I started reading it one day…

…and by the time I finished reading it, I was a different man. His story inspired me to become a stronger person, a better person and build a business of my own.

Then I started my SECOND Innings…

The only things I knew at that time were a little bit of blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing.

I had NO MONEY to get started, NO ONE to help me out. I had an old 512 MB RAM, 40 GB second-hand desktop PC.

My first JOB! By this time I had finished college.

However, I joined Digital Marketing Company and I spent 12 years working in digital marketing and visual designs with various BIG players in corporate sectors.

It was a time during that I lean Basic & advanced techniques.

But I didn’t want to spend my life taking orders from someone else or making my boss rich and I decided to quit my job.

And I started looking for a long-term income source.

I realized most of the big guys with long-term business always had a list and they launched their own products while promoting other affiliate offers at the same time.

Then I wrote my first Book and Published on Amazon, after few months I got my first sales and that onwards and so far as on date, I have written & PUBLISHED:: 150+ BOOKS On AMAZON in 13 Countries👇

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The whole point is “BE CONSISTENT” with whatever you are doing”. You might fail multiple times, and you will. The road to success is never straight, it’s not a shortcut.

It’s a journey with multiple stations called FAILURES. But if you keep trying it, you will SUCCEED. No one gets lucky; all successful people have years to struggles behind them.

If you’re struggling, you will get there, but NEVER QUIT.