9 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need To Know In 2024



Keyword Optimization

Make sure before writing conduct thorough keywords research & use them strategically in your content, images titles, headings, & meta descriptions.


High-Quality Content

Create valuable, informative, & user engaging content that addresses, solve the needs of your targeted audience.


User Experience (UX)

Ensure your website or blog is user-friendly with a clean & clutter free design. Fast loading times, mobile responsiveness, & easy menu navigation contribute to a positive user experience.


Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Make your title compelling using tags & meta descriptions that accurately represent your content.


Header Tags

Use header tags to structure your content logically. Use H1 tags for the main topic, while H2, H3, etc., can be used for subheadings & so on.


Optimized Images

Compress & optimize images without losing quality for faster loading times. Use descriptive file names & include alt text to provide context to user & search engines.


Internal & External Links

Make sure relevant internal links to other pages or posts on your website, blog to enhance navigation & improve user engagement.


Page Loading Speed

Optimize your website's loading speed by minimizing CSS & JavaScript files, You can use any browser caching & optimizing plugin for images.


Schema Markup

Implement schema mark-up to provide additional context to search engines about your article. This can enhance rich snippets in search results & improve the visibility of your pages.


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